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this project aims to share emotions and experiences but also pictures and ideas. it freely offers views and hopefully fun, but wishes to receive the visitants’ feedback, their ideas and suggestions and maybe even their collaboration. this website should be able to create new perspectives and - how ambitious! – empathy.. if nothing else, let it at least facilitate the communication (albeit unilateral for most of the time) and serve as a reflection of the author's understanding of life...   

    these are reasons more than enough for this website to exist, however:

you’re in the presence of a mutating project. as so, images and quotes will often change; some contents will be permanent although updated on a regular basis; new ideas, links and comments will assertively flourish time and again. you can make a difference, express yourself and join the project! and if got to this point of the text, let me give you a sincere ‘thank you’ and enjoy!